July 14, 2015

Nature reserves completed on time!

Over 150 Great Crested Newts have been successfully translocated to our newly constructed nature reserves.RRSJune2015 (46)

In November 2014 we arrived on site to begin the creation of two nature reserves designed specifically for great crested newts and amenity use. This included the construction of 10 new ponds, 1,000m of winding gravel footpaths and the planting of thousands of carefully selected trees and plants.

Due to the tight time scales involved, our teams pushed on through the winter months to ensure the reserves were built in time for spring.

The two reserves were completed in March 2015 and wildlife quickly moved in. Over 150 Great Crested Newts have been safely moved from a development zone into the holding areas which will form part of the green infrastructure for a large housing development.

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