Akers Land & Ecology Ltd is a national specialist land management and ecological contractor. We provide a range of services to support our clients’ needs; creating and maintaining green spaces and wildlife habitats, installing all types of wildlife fencing including, newt fencing, badger fencing and reptile fencing.

Our expert teams build footpaths, ponds, bridges and special habitats. They plant trees, ponds and establish wild flower and grassland meadows. We manage overgrown spaces by clearing ground vegetation, trees and controlling weeds.

Akers Land & Ecology Ltd implement ecologists’ plans to ensure developments can progress legally and protected species such as badgers, great crested newts, slow worms, lizards and snakes are kept from harms way.

We install all types of wildlife fencing (including: newt fencing, reptile fencing and badger fencing), site, tree protection and stock fencing.

We invest in and retain our staff so they’re highly trained and experienced and our approach is always to deliver quality work, safely, and with ecological sensitivity.

We understand that timescales are often extremely tight and therefore provide accurate quotes quickly and are equipped to be onsite anywhere in mainland Britain at short notice.

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