Wildlife fencing


Akers Land & Ecology Ltd have a vast amount of experience in supplying and installing a range of specialist wildlife fencing, including newt fencing, reptile fencing and badger fencing.

Whether you’re an ecologist or project manager dealing with a site with ecological issues we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your requirements or provide a quote.

Temporary exclusion fencing for newts and reptiles
Both temporary newt fencing and temporary reptile fencing are constructed with a UV resistant membrane carefully attached to wooden stakes and buried in the ground. A double fold at the top of the membrane prevents amphibians from passing over the top.

We are able to supply and install any length of newt and reptile fencing from 200m to 10,000m and more.

Permanent newt and reptile fencing
Made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) this fencing lasts for 15 years. It is much more durable than the temporary fencing and therefore is more suitable at sites where the fence may be subject to damage from construction workers or vandalism.

Bespoke and one-way newt fencing
We supply and install temporary and permanent one way newt fencing. We can also install any bespoke fencing necessary to deal with specific issues that may exist at your site.

Badger fencing
Badger fencing consists of a large high tensile wire mesh which is attached to stake and rail fencing. The wire mesh is buried into the ground; an overhang is folded out at the top and barbed wire is fitted to prevent badgers from passing. We supply and construct quality badger fencing, protect the ground from digging and fit one way badger gates, as necessary.

Stock fencing
We install high tensile wire stock fencing to contain stock animals and protect areas from damage.

The great crested newt Triturus cristatus is an amphibian native to the UK, and is listed as a “strictly protected fauna species” Under these regulations it is an offence to intentionally disturb, injure or kill any great crested newt, or disturb or destroy its habitat.  That’s why here at Akers Land & Ecology we strive to work sensitively with ecologists whilst also keeping the clients time constraints at the forefront of our work ethos.