We have invested in a fleet of specialist vegetation clearance machines. Each has low ground pressure making them ideal for clearing vegetation in sensitive areas.

Our experience ranges from straight forward site clearances of trees and scrub vegetation to sensitive dormouse and water vole habitat clearance.

Specialist Machines

Our vegetation clearance fleet includes:

  • 50HP BCS alpine tractor with front and rear mounted HD flail decks
  • 105HP Specialist Massey Ferguson tractor with front and rear mounted HD flail decks and a Flail collector deck.
  • 80HP CAT 279 Tracked skid steer loader with forestry mulcher
  • Kubota 027-4 2.6t digger with grab attachment
  • Tractor mounted Timberwolf 6” chipper
  • Toro Grandstand rough cutter mower

Destructive Searches

Where suitable habitat requires removal under licence or supervision we can help. We have a wealth of experience in carrying out licenced destructive searches. This includes using large excavators to strip newt, reptile and water vole habitat and removing ponds and badger setts.

We also have years of experience in managing vegetation onsite to manipulate habitats to aid translocation projects, encourage movement of species or carefully reduce and remove vegetation.

Our Staff

Our staff are trained, qualified and experienced in a wide range of vegetation clearance methods.  As well as operating our specialist plant machinery we carry out works using; chain saws, hedge cutters and brush cutter/strimmers.