Habitat creation


We create and maintain wildlife habitats.

Habitat creation
We build hibernaculum, wildlife ponds and badger setts, install bat and bird boxes and establish wild flower meadows. Our experienced staff also install a full range of specialist wildlife fencing to help keep protected species from harms way.

Habitat management
We carry out habitat management works with consideration to the surrounding environment and ecology. This include:

  • tree and scrub clearance
  • grassland cutting
  • weed control
  • habitat/plant translocations

These measures are applied to either enhance habitat suitability, maintain sensitive habitats or prevent suitable habitat from developing depending on the location. Our machinery is light weight and has low ground pressure making it ideal for working in sensitive sites. Alternatively, our staff can carry out the same works using hand tools only.

Habitat removal
As part of an ecological mitigation strategy, once the population of protected wildlife has been translocated, we carry out the final phase of the process – a destructive search. Here we carefully remove the habitat while a final check for any remaining specimens is undertaken.