Nature reserve creation

Clients: Aviva, BT, Urban & Civic

Location: Warwickshire

Project: Creation of two wildlife reserves suitable for Great Crested Newts and forming the green infrastructure of a housing development. Our works included:

  • Footpath and bridge construction including installation of lighting ducts
  • Construction of 10 large ponds and planting
  • Creation of hibernacula
  • Stock and newt fencing
  • Planting: large trees, woodland, hedgerow, orchard, scrub and shrub
  • Tree clearance
  • Wild flower meadow seeding
  • Tree protection and site security fencing

RRS Lining Pond 3 IMG_1880



RRSJune2015 (25)









Rugby ponds Sept15 (13)Rugby ponds Sept15 (5)

RRSJune2015 (28)
 RRSJune2015 (66)


Rugby ponds (1)






Newt fencing for new roundabout

Client: Local Authority

Location: East Yorkshire


Akers supplied and installed temporary newt fencing for the local authority to make way for the construction of a new roundabout on a busy highway.

1,800m temporary amphibian fencing

550 pitfall traps

500 artificial refugia








IMG_0910 IMG_0884





IMG_0920 IMG_0928


Artificial badger sett

Client: Land developer

Location: Almondsbury, Bristol


  • Built 10 chamber badger sett
  • Interlinking tunnels and chambers
  • Blind tunnels

Akers Land & Ecology Ltd creating an artificial badger sett at an industrial development site near Bristol

Covering up artificial badger sett Artificial badger sett Almonsbury











Artificial Badger Sett

Client: House builder

Location: Haywards Heath, East Sussex

Works: We were commissioned to construct an eight chamber badger sett. Not only did our team carry out the works within 10 days of instruction. They also built an access route across a ditch for badgers to use and created discreet entrances within good cover.

  • Eight chamber artificial badger sett
  • Four discreet  entrances
  • Three blind tunnels
  • Set in secluded area with good cover

Artificial badger sett

Badger sett location





Sett entance 1Sett entrance 2





Covered sett






Reptile Receptor Site Creation, April 2014

Client: Consortium of developers

Location: Billingshurst, West Sussex

  • Created over 5,000 m2 of native wild flower habitat by removing the topsoil, laying specialist turf and sowing specially selected wild flower meadow seed.
  • Planted native tree and shrub species and installed tree guards to enhance the site’s characteristics
  • Installed post and rail stock proof fencing to protect the site from local livestock
  • Constructed two hibernacula and a series of basking mounds
  • One year on and the site looks fantastic!






















Reptile Mitigation, April 2014

Client: Developer

Location: Canterbury, Kent


  • Returning a former municipal tip back to its’ original landscape whilst protecting the existing ecology, including Dormice
  • Installing boundary fencing
  • Negotiating challenging terrain and solving access issues
  • Installing 500m of fencing for Adders, Grass Snakes, Slow Work and Common Lizard
  • Constructing two Hibernacula

















Mitigation for Pipeline Construction, April 2014

Client: Utilities Provider

Location: Bridgwater, Somerset


  • Vegetation clearance
  • Installing 1,500 meters of Great Crested Newt fencing either side of proposed pipeline.
  • installing 250 pitfall traps and 250 refugia along fencing.

IMG_4043 IMG_4054










Great Crested Newt Mitigation, February 2014

Client: BAE Systems

Location: Puriton, Somerset


  • Clearance of 15,000 meters of extremely challenging vegetation
  • Installation of 15,000 meters of GCN exclusion fencing
  • Installing 250 pitfall traps and 250 refugia
  • Constantly monitoring safety whilst excavating on this former munitions factory














Newt mitigation works – Garforth, Leeds

Client: Land developer
Location: Garforth, Leeds

  • 1,600m temporary and permanent newt fencing
  • badger fencing, netting and gates
  • destructive search
  • habitat manipulation
  • re-profiling land

1354 2575 Grading land 2173 IMG_0867 IMG_1763