Water course enhancement – Clifton Brook

Clients: Aviva, Urban’ & Civic Plc

Location: Warwickshire

Project: To enhance and grade 3Km of water course. Akers developed methodologies approved by the Environment Agency and worked in accordance to their licence. We worked closely with the designated Hydromorphologists to ensure that all works were signed off before the Cyprinid spawning period. Our works included:

  • Installing and grading riffle features
  • Bank re profiling and bar creation
  • Creation of woody features
  • Sediment control
  • Demolition and removal of disused structures
  • Planting marginal aquatics
  • Footpath creation
  • Shallow scrapes with wetland seed mix application
  • Bench/litter bin placement
  • Kingfisher boxes
  • Re creation of historic channel
  • Installation of pedestrian bridges
  • Pond building and hibernaculum creation


Nature reserve creation

Clients: Aviva, BT, Urban & Civic

Location: Warwickshire

Project: Creation of two wildlife reserves suitable for Great Crested Newts and forming the green infrastructure of a housing development. Our works included:

  • Footpath and bridge construction including installation of lighting ducts
  • Construction of 10 large ponds and planting
  • Creation of hibernacula
  • Stock and newt fencing
  • Planting: large trees, woodland, hedgerow, orchard, scrub and shrub
  • Tree clearance
  • Wild flower meadow seeding
  • Tree protection and site security fencing

RRS Lining Pond 3 IMG_1880



RRSJune2015 (25)








RRSJune2015 (66)

Rugby ponds Sept15 (13)Rugby ponds Sept15 (5)

RRSJune2015 (28)
 Rugby ponds (1)








Newt fencing for new roundabout

Client: Local Authority

Location: East Yorkshire

Works: Newt Fencing

Akers supplied and installed temporary newt fencing for the local authority to make way for the construction of a new roundabout on a busy highway.

1,800m temporary amphibian fencing

550 pitfall traps

500 artificial refugia








IMG_0910 IMG_0884





IMG_0920 IMG_0928


Artificial badger sett

Client: Land developer

Location: Almondsbury, Bristol


  • Built 10 chamber badger sett
  • Interlinking tunnels and chambers
  • Blind tunnels

Akers Land & Ecology Ltd creating an artificial badger sett at an industrial development site near Bristol

Covering up artificial badger sett Artificial badger sett Almonsbury











Artificial Badger Sett

Client: House builder

Location: Haywards Heath, East Sussex

Works: We were commissioned to construct an eight chamber artificial badger sett. Not only did our team carry out the works within 10 days of instruction. They also built an access route across a ditch for badgers to use and created discreet entrances within good cover.

  • Eight chamber artificial badger sett
  • Four discreet  entrances
  • Three blind tunnels
  • Set in secluded area with good cover

Artificial badger sett

Badger sett location





Sett entance 1Sett entrance 2





Covered sett






Reptile Receptor Site Creation, April 2014

Client: Consortium of developers

Location: Billingshurst, West Sussex

  • Created over 5,000 m2 of native wild flower habitat by removing the topsoil, laying specialist turf and sowing specially selected wild flower meadow seed.
  • Planted native tree and shrub species and installed tree guards to enhance the site’s characteristics
  • Installed post and rail stock proof fencing to protect the site from local livestock
  • Constructed two hibernacula and a series of basking mounds
  • One year on and the site looks fantastic!

















Reptile Mitigation, April 2014

Client: Developer

Location: Canterbury, Kent


  • Returning a former municipal tip back to its’ original landscape whilst protecting the existing ecology, including Dormice
  • Installing boundary fencing
  • Negotiating challenging terrain and solving access issues
  • Installing 500m of reptile fencing for Adders, Grass Snakes, Slow Worm and Common Lizard
  • Constructing two Hibernacula

















Mitigation for Pipeline Construction, April 2014

Client: Utilities Provider

Location: Bridgwater, Somerset


  • Vegetation clearance
  • Installing 1,500 meters of Great Crested Newt fencing either side of proposed pipeline.
  • installing 250 pitfall traps and 250 refugia along fencing.

IMG_4043 IMG_4054










Great Crested Newt Mitigation, February 2014

Client: BAE Systems

Location: Puriton, Somerset


  • Clearance of 15,000 meters of extremely challenging vegetation
  • Installation of 15,000 meters of GCN exclusion fencing
  • Installing 250 pitfall traps and 250 refugia
  • Constantly monitoring safety whilst excavating on this former munitions factory