Badger fencing and artificial badger setts

Akers Land & Ecology Ltd provide a range of services for managing the movement of badgers around our clients’ sites. We also supply and install other wildlife fencing such as newt and reptile fencing.

Badger fencing

Badgers are extremely good at digging and are very persistent creatures. We supply and install a range of badger fencing, wire netting and badger gates to manage their movement around our clients’ sites.

Badger proof fencing consists of a large high tensile wire mesh which is attached to stake and rail fencing. The wire mesh is buried into the ground; an overhang is folded out at the top and barbed wire is fitted to prevent badgers from passing.

Artificial badger setts

Our staff are experienced in constructing artificial badger setts of various proportions and layouts all in accordance with the specifications approved by Natural England.

Sett closures

Once it’s confirmed a sett has been vacated and there have been no signs of activity for several weeks a destructive search can be carried out on the sett.

If you’d like to know more about our badger fencing solutions, please call us on 01943 510753 or Email us at [email protected]