Akers Land & Ecology Ltd specialise in providing ecological and land management services across the UK. We provide a range of services to support our clients’ needs. We install wildlife fencing (such as newt fencing and reptile fencing), create and maintain green spaces and wildlife habitats, control weeds and manage landscapes.

We implement ecologists’ plans to ensure developments can progress legally and protected species such as badgers, great crested newts, slow worms, lizards and snakes are kept from harms way.

Our approach is always to deliver quality work, safely, and with ecological sensitivity. We invest in and retain our staff so they’re highly trained and experienced. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and efficient service at competitive rates. Our range of ecological, weed control and land management services include:

Creation of meadows and wildlife ponds
Installation of wildlife fencing including; newt fencing / amphibian fencing, reptile fencing and badger fencing
Construction of hibernacula, badger setts and bat and bird boxes
Habitat manipulation and enhancement works
Ecologically sensitive site clearances and destructive searches

Tree surveys
Tree surgery
Vegetation, tree & site clearance
Tree planting
Fencing and gate installations
Footpath and footbridge construction
Hedge cutting
Grounds maintenance

Water course enhancements
Pond creation
Pond planting
Bridge supply and installation

Weed control
Control, management and eradication of invasive weeds
Amenity weed spraying

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements we could help with.