May 2, 2018

Water Course Enhancement – Clifton Brook

Clients: Aviva, Urban’ & Civic Plc

Location: Warwickshire

Project: To enhance and grade 3Km of water course. Akers developed methodologies approved by the environment agency and worked in accordance to their licence. We worked closely with the designated Hydromorphologists to ensure that all works were signed off before the Cyprinid spawning period. Our works included:

  • Installing and grading riffle features
  • Bank re profiling and bar Creation
  • Creation of woody features
  • Sediment control
  •  Demolition and removal of disused structures
  • Planting marginal aquatics
  • Footpath creation
  • Shallow scrapes with wetland seed mix application
  • Bench/litter bin placement
  • Kingfisher boxes
  • Re creation of historic channel
  • Installation of pedestrian bridges
  • Pond building and hibernaculum creation