July 13, 2015

Nature reserve creation

Clients: Aviva, BT, Urban & Civic

Location: Warwickshire

Project: Creation of two wildlife reserves suitable for Great Crested Newts and forming the green infrastructure of a housing development. Our works included:

  • Footpath and bridge construction including installation of lighting ducts
  • Construction of 10 large ponds and planting
  • Creation of hibernacula
  • Stock and newt fencing
  • Planting: large trees, woodland, hedgerow, orchard, scrub and shrub
  • Tree clearance
  • Wild flower meadow seeding
  • Tree protection and site security fencing

RRS Lining Pond 3 IMG_1880



RRSJune2015 (25)








RRSJune2015 (66)

Rugby ponds Sept15 (13)Rugby ponds Sept15 (5)

RRSJune2015 (28)
 Rugby ponds (1)